Monday, November 19, 2012

Fondling Fabric and new project

I started a new project today.  I'm set to teach at J. C. Campbell in Jan. and wanted to get a new sample made for the class.  I always take out my basket of fabric that holds the color I'm looking for and go through or audition the fabric for the project.
I try to keep my hand dyed fabrics together.  I don't always have enough of one color to have a separate basket of just that color.  As usual when things are hectic I just stuff whatever, wherever.  This lead me to cleaning out two baskets, refolding and placing in the correct basket.

I was interested in pink so after I folded and put away the basket, I kept the pink out to use.

 After several hours this is what happened.  Actually this is just a small mess.  Usually the fabric is on the floor, the sewing machine table and all surfaces that I can reach.  I must be getting neater. 

It's interesting seeing this after a days work and then seeing it here as a photo.  I can see several things that I need to change that I didn't see when I stopped work this afternoon.

Taking photos and looking at them is one thing that I stress in my classes.  I believe you can see potential problems that you can't see after looking at a piece for a while.

No time to work tomorrow but hope to get back and finish the flower on Wed. 

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