Saturday, June 16, 2012

June Meeting of HiFiber Art Group

Marge Edie hosted the HiFiber meeting yesterday and presented a program, along with Dawn McEntyre on bas relief.

The pears were appliqued with fill behind them to get the bas relief look..  Marge made the leaves separately by sewing two pieces of fabric together, slitting the back piece and turning inside out.  She then sewed them down through the center.

Marge then demonstrated using ink pads and a stencil brush to add shadows to the pears.

Dawn and Marge then did an exercise on using three pieces of yarn with a z or s twist.  These three pieces were twisted until taunt and them doubled to get the effect seen on the left.

In May our local guild had Ellen Linder for a workshop on double reverse applique and Making an instant abstract quilt.  Beatriz Ruez made this tasty looking apple.

This is Beatriz' abstract quilt

This is Penny Little's quilt from the class.

Beatriz must have spent her month in her sewing room as she brought many finished pieces.  This is her piece from a prior Notan presentation.

Bea also brought her silk scarves dyed in Bonnie Oullette's class.  The one on the right was made by using men's silk ties and transferring the dye to the silk scarf.   Bea also brought lots of fabric that she dyed in Bonnie's dyeing class.

These are Penny Little's scarves from the tie dye transfer.

Penny Little did some experiments with Sharpies and alcohol.

Plenty of inspiration until next month.

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