Thursday, June 21, 2012

I've Been on the Road Again

Cleveland Park Event's Center
I recently presented programs at the Landrum Quilt Guild in Landrum, SC and at the Piedmont Piercer's  Guild in Spartanburg, SC.

I forgot to get permission from the Landrum Guild to post photographs so I will just say that it is a great guild and the member's there were very receptive. 

We ran into a little problem with electrical supplies but we made do.  I was very sorry that the members were not able to get the full benefit of having all the photo on screen.  They meet in a wonderful old restored school house that acts as a community center, thus the lack of electric outlets.

On Tuesday evening I presented a program at the facility shown above and what a great place to have meetings.  The room was equipped with two pull down screens with the projector in the ceiling.  The Center provides someone to do the hookups for both projector and audio.

I hope I'm getting this correct, this beautifully decorated cake was made by one of the guild members.  It was as good as it looks

.I presented my new PowerPoint presentation The Many Ways to Fabricate Faces. I think it went well. 

The Piedmont Piecer's are not a large guild but as you will see in the photos to follow they are a prolific guild.

Diana Pickens is one of those prolific members.  These two pieces were made for one of the guild's many charity projects.

Believe it or not but these two quilts are made by the same pattern.  Doesn't the choice of fabric make a big difference?

quilt # 1
Teresa Sparks, on the left, is the guild president.  She and Renee Dugan are also very busy making quilts.  This is one of four they showed that night.

quilt # 2
I believe they said that these were from a class at Piegon Forge.

quilt # 3

quilt # 4

This Gee's Bend type quilt was made by Sandy Ceremuga.  I hope this spelling is correct.

 I don't know the name of this pattern but it's really cool.  It was made by Nancy Curry

Judy Mathis models this lovely blouse she made out of batik. 
She is holding one of her shoes that she covered with matching fabric.

how cute is this?

The elastic part of the shoe snaps off.  After allowing for the stretch in the shoe fabric she added this piece of batik to match her blouse.

I enjoyed doing the presentation at both guilds.  It's always fun to go to a guild other than your own and meet these people who have so much in common.

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