Friday, June 8, 2012

Granddaughter and Creativity

Our granddaughter, Sydney has been studying pioneer days at school.  They were suppose to put together clothing to wear to school as a student would have dressed during that time.  Sydney went into her Mom's closet and found a blouse and skirt.   With a little help from Mom, it was tucked and pined until it would stay up around her tiny waist.

She then found a crocheted place mat, that was made by my Mother, and used it as an apron.  The lunch pail (AKA sewing basket)  was a Christmas gift from Nana and Papa.  I sent the little bonnet to her when she was about two years old and living in Sydney Australia.  It's a little small now and was a little large then, but it works. 

Mom was brushing Sydney's hair and started to put a rubber band in the pony tail.  Sydney looked at her and said "Mom I don't think they had rubber bands back then."   Allison asked her what they would have used and she said "ribbon".  So ribbon it was.

I've written about Sydney in my blog before. She is one of those rare children who would rather go to her room and pretend or find little scraps of fabric to make a dress and bonnet for her bunny than watch TV or play games.  I find that very refreshing.

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