Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Uncle Dave is Finished

There was a time when I didn't think I would finish "Uncle Dave". When I first started the quilting I kept breaking needles, my thread would fray and break. I became so frustrated with the project that I put it away and decided I wasn't going to finish the quilting.

I had finished quilting the face at that point and I knew that the piece was not one that I would enter into a show. The unfinished piece lay in my spare bedroom, I use it as a sample when I teach. I really don't have many UFO's and this one really bugged me.

I'm about to start quilting on another piece and needed to practice to get back into the swing of free motion quilting. So, I decided to pull out "Uncle Dave". I'm glad I did. The piece actually ended up being Okay. I still don't think I would enter it into a show but it does make a good sample for my class. I learned a lot on this piece. I know that next time I use real clothing, as I did for Dave's shirt, that I will cut away what's left turned under. There was a lot of fusing on this piece so between fabric and fusible web the layers really add up.

I don't really think my pieces through like a lot of people so I learn by making mistakes. This is one I hope I don't have to repeat.

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  1. Uncle Dave is a wonderful piece!!!...and learning by mistakes can be a good thing...you'll never make that mistake again!!...Ask me how I know.