Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Project

I had quite a few emails about my transfer problem. They all told me I couldn't transfer an image on dark fabric. I had several people suggest ways I could accomplish the affect that I wanted. One was to paint the image on, but I really wanted a realistic look. Another was to print the image on organza. I've done this many times in the past with success. I use Misty Fuse as a web then cut out the image and iron to the dark area.

I enhanced this image in photo shop. Made several sizes and then using Word, inserted them on a template so that I could print many different images on one piece of 8 x 10 fabric.

I haven't photographed the image on fabric yet but will post on it later.

This is what I've been spending my time creating in the studio this week. I have spent every day working on images in the computer. Every time I do one image I see something else I want to try.

The biggie this week has been trying to figure out how to make mirror images in PSE. I finally gave up and made these images the old fashion way. Cut and Paste. However, I was determined to learn how to do this is PSE.

I emailed Gloria Hansen, she wrote "Digital Essentials", to ask her if she could help me. Gloria is such a sharing person always answers emails and shares her knowledge. She came up with the solution for me today. Hopefully I will have time to work with this later.

A few of the images I created today.

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  1. Understanding layers is the key to PSE. It took me a while to learn to flip either image or layer. I have created several pieces using this skill, pictures of paths and trees. Also, putting a layer of smoke or fog makes it look really neat. I don't have pics on this computer, but I'll try to send some to you. Don't get discouraged, it is a huge learning curve.