Monday, January 2, 2012

Inspiration outside my back door

We have had unusually warm weather for this time of year here in NW South Carolina. That is about to change. It is suppose to dip into the low 20's tonight. When that happens the open blooms on our camellias will freeze and turn brown.

If we are lucky and the cold doesn't last a long time the buds will open up with little damage.

My husband brought me a basket of these in this afternoon so that we can enjoy them inside.

When I was photographing my arrangements this afternoon the sun was coming in through our great room window. The angle was such that I got this interesting sun-flare in the photo.

I've been having sewing machine problems, breaking thread, tension, and skipped stitches. I've done all the usual. Changed the needles, several time, changed and rethreaded the machine and bobbin. Cleaned the dust out, etc, etc. Spent a very frustrating day Saturday trying to get the problem solved. No luck.

I started the day today with a fresh outlook and was determined to solve my problem. Aurifil Thread Co. gave samples of their thread to our state guild, Quilters of SC, for our Fall Retreat. I decided to open the packet and try new thread in my top and bobbin.

It worked. Don't know why, I tried many brands on Sat. but nothing was happening. I'm still not sure what was wrong. I did have to change from the Aurifil to another brand because I didn't have the right colors for my project and the machine worked fine. Who know!

Hopefully, tomorrow I will finish the quilting on Uncle Dave. Yes, I finally dragged out Uncle Dave to finish. If I do you will see it right here tomorrow night.

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