Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project Runway 2026 Contestant?

This is my seven year old granddaughter, Sydney. We are visiting her family in Southern California this week. Sydney has been out on a school holiday so she has been home all week. One day she disappeared into her room for quite a while. When she came out her rabbit, Edward Tulan was sporting a new dress, scarf that could be used as a belt, and a new yellow hat.

Notice the details along the bottom of the skirt. When I saw the outfit I thought that she had been working with her mother. I found out later that she had come up with the idea and done it all by herself. Quit a successful project for a seven year old.

Perhaps some day we will see Sydney on Project Runway with and innovative design. Who know?


  1. That must be the best dressed rabbit in the US!


  2. It is great to have young ones so creative. I hope my granddaughters (when they come along) have that artistic ability too.

  3. Edward Tulan never looked so good!