Friday, February 11, 2011

Student's Work From GA Class

This week I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Carrollton, GA. My class "Fabricating Nature" was sponsored by the new Southeastern Quilting and Textile Museum. The museum is in the planning stages and they are busy raising money to make it a reality.

Because their building has not been remodeled as of yet the class was held at the local Ag Center. I can not tell you how impressed I was with the people who work there, the volunteers, the cleaners, who are inmates at the prison across the highway, the facility and most of all how many things that go on during the day and night at the center.

I was approached several months ago, by Beverly and Diane who had been students of mine at J C Campbell Folk School, asking if I would be interested in holding a class in Carrollton. I love to teach and share my knowledge with students I get revitalized, energized and always learn something from them.

I am going to share with you some of the work that came out of the three day class.

This piece was done by Ginny who was my wonderful hostess for my time there. I always encourage my students to work large and Ginny took me for my word. This piece was at least 45/50" in length. It is striking. I had a piece of hand dyed fabric that Ginny used to make the daffodil, there could not have been a better fabric. Ginny carefully laid out her pattern on the lights, darks, and streaks of color that were in the fabric to represent where the light was coming from as well as the shadows.

Ginny's home has daffodils planted every where in her yard. She had made a beautiful drawing of a single daffodil that she used as her pattern. My next post is going to be with her flower on different backgrounds. The selection of the right background is a part of the design process that, to me, either makes or breaks a successful piece.

Sarah's photogrph is below

This piece was made by Sarah. Sarah sent me quite a few photographs that I felt would work for this process. But the one showing a view of the Tetons through a stain glass window really caught my attention. I felt it was very dynamic framing for a photograph and would be equally dynamic as a piece of fiber art.

Sarah did a great job putting this piece together. Her fabric choices worked and it was obvious to me that she had some art background. She was able to get the painting done on her piece, we use paint to create depth, but I didn't get a photo of the finished piece. Hopefully I will get one soon.

Sheleigh sent me two photographs, both of cotton bolls she had taken from a local cotton field. She combined portions of both photos to get the design she used for her art piece. Sheleigh wanted to incorporate the cotton that she picked in the piece. She used cheese cloth to wrap around the cotton in the large 3-D cotton boll. I showed her a technique, I had recently learned, to make the 3-D husk that had enclosed the cotton before opening. She still has some things to add but this photo will give you an idea of what she accomplished during the class.

Beverly chose a scene from her backyard to portray in her landscape. Beverly is one of those students who works away and tries something first before asking the instructor. If she gets in trouble or is stumped by something she will then ask for help. I think this relates to confidence. Beverly had taken my class before so she already knew many of the techniques that I use. She should be proud of this piece.

Gail is new to art quilting but didn't she do a great job? This piece is stunning. It is always a difficult job to explain to students what they need for fabrics when they've never done this type of quilting. Gail brought many different beautiful pieces of fabric that was almost right but not quite there. Fortunately I had some fabrics that would work for her in my stash and had brought some hand dyes by my friend Bonnie Ouellette. Isn't that sky fabric beautiful? Gail is a lovely job.

Norma chose a hollyhock as her subject. Her choice of fabrics was perfect. She didn't have time to do the painting to get the depth and separation for her petals but when she does this will be a stunning piece.

Norma will be shopping for the perfect background and I can't wait to see how it pops when she finds it.

Frances had a really complicated piece to do. She first had to create the canvas, or background, then a stained glass window of Jesus with an aura around Him. Then two little girls standing in front of the window. She worked diligently on the window but had problems finding just the right fabrics. She went shopping and thought she had just the right yellow but it proved to be to bright. Finally she find just the right one and was able to progress. I know that Frances will get it right and I can't wait to see it finished.

Edmae chose a close-up of a white lacecap hydrangea with a butterfly perched on one of the flowers. There were lots of pieces for Edmae to deal with so she didn't progress as far as some of the other students. Her butterfly was cut out but it had the pattern pieces still on the fabric. She wanted to leave the paper since she had cut a stencil of freezer paper to paint the spots on the wings. We just placed pieces of black fabric on the flowers to show where the butterfly will be placed. Edmae is know for her beautiful quilts and I know this piece will end up being another one.

Marilyn did a beautiful job on this scene that was photographed in Alaska. She is not happy with the sky fabric and has decided to look for some that she likes better. She also felt that some of the foreground might need to be cut off or perhaps lightened a little. On the sample that I have students make for experimenting with paint, Marilyn was able to get the nooks and crannies that make mountains look rugged. When she gets to the painting part I think she will be quite happy with the finished piece.

This is the photograph that Diane chose for her project. She got sick on the last day and was not able to come to class. As you can see this piece has hundreds of pieces. I've had Diane as a student before so I know she can finish this on her own. When she sends me the photograph I will post it for you to see.

This was a wonderful class everyone was eager and willing to learn. I don't think a teacher can ask for more. My next post will be showing Ginny's daffodil on various colors for background. This is one of the most important decisions that I think the artist makes to have a WOW piece. Stay tuned.


  1. They are making some great art quilts and I look forward to seeing the finished pohotos. Hope you post on QA list when they are ready to view.

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