Saturday, February 5, 2011

Off to Georgia

Last month I had my car all pack with the many things I take with me when I teach, only to unpack because we got eight inches of snow. I was very disappointed.

When I teach a class like Fabricating Nature I have each student send a photo of their proposed project. We discuss the pros and cons and talk about fabric choices etc. I get really psyched up about each project and have ideas floating in my head about how to help each student. Therefore when I wasn't able to go I was quite disappointed however we rescheduled the class.

Yesterday I started the process over again and started bringing all that stuff upstairs to be packed in the car. I'm getting psyched again and really looking forward to going to Carrollton, GA tomorrow.

The class is being sponsored by The Southeastern Quilt and Textile Museum in Carrollton, GA. I'm looking for some great pieces to come out of this class. Stay tuned for photos and comments.

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