Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I've been doing this week


This is the doll that started it all. I am addicted. On the Artdigest List this week someone asked what are you working on? I didn't answer because I wanted to finish some of the dolls I've been working on this week and get them photographed.

Today I finally had enough finished and got the camera out to take the photos. I am having so much fun making these dolls. The ideas just keep flowing. I am lucky to have a wood worker for a husband. He has been taking the pieces of wood that I selected cleaning them up, then adding paint or varnish and making them into great platforms for the dolls.

He told me he had a piece of wood that a vine had wrapped around and made a really interesting gnarled piece of wood. When he showed it to me, a light went off and I saw a swing hanging from the piece. That is how I came to have The Swinger.

I have two unfinished pieces of art that I have been working on that I need to get back to. I decided the first of this week that I could have this week to finish the dolls and would not start another one until I was well on the way to having the two pieces finished. I'm going to honor that promise, next week I'm into the fiber art.

I do have a couple more dolls that just need some finishing touches soooooo maybe I can take time to finish those as well. I am having so much fun!

Please keep scrolling down. I wanted to add names to the dolls so posted under the same headline. I haven't been able to figure out how to post a photo and get the writing to stay under that photo and then allow me to post another. Some day.

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  1. What wonderful dolls, Marilyn. You are really on a roll!