Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Peacockiness" Sold in Houston

I decided to enter a few of my large floral quilts in the "In Full Bloom" exhibit at IQA in Houston this year. "Peacockiness" was accepted and I decided that I would offer it for sale as well as let it travel through the year in the IQA exhibit.

I got notification this week that it sold. How exciting is that? I always have mixed emotions when I sell a quilt. It seems to validate what I do and tells me that someone thinks what I made is worth buying. However, I'm always sad to see one of my pieces go.

It often takes me a while after I finish an art quilt to feel that I can let it go by offering it for sale. I had come to that place with "Peacockiness" for several reasons. First and foremost my reason had to do with the fact that I made this quilt in collaboration with my friend Diana Pickens. Diana is a wonderful machine quilter and I had seen a piece she had finished with these wonderful feather like designs. I saw it and knew it would be wonderful on this quilt. Diana agreed to quilt the piece in collaboration with me so that it would eligible to enter in shows. "Peacockiness" was accepted at IQA in Houston and AQS in Paducah, but I ended up with the quilt.

Although I had offered it for sale when I hung it in my show at The Arts Company, in Seneca, SC it did not sale. So when it was accepted in the "In Full Bloom" exhibit I decided to offer it for sale again. It sold and I am both happy and sad.


  1. A BiG congratulations to you Marilyn! What a beautiful piece. You deserve and long and terrific happy dance. Wow.

  2. Congratulations! It's wonderful to know that someone else loves it!

  3. I know how you feel about the mixed blessing, Marilyn, but a huge congratulation is still in order! (I know you've got plenty more quilts just waiting to come out)

  4. Congratulations not only on the sale but also coming to terms and parting with it. You summed up exactly how a lot of artists feel about their work. We have many more ideas that need our attention:)