Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cherokee Powwow at Haygood Mill, Picken, SC

HAPPY THANKSGIVING: What better way to celebrate than by sharing it with the people who were here when our forefathers landed.

These are photographs taken during the ceremony. This little girl captured my attention from the beginning. She was so obviously caught up in the drama of this event. I saw her often with an older woman, perhaps her Grandmother, who seemed to be teaching her the old ways.

The young man with the porcupine headdress came from the state of Washington to dance in this ceremony. As with most cultures it is always wonderful to see the young take up old traditions.

The little boy was taking his job teaching children games very seriously. He was obviously having fun doing that job.

I love Indian flute music, I find it very soothing. I could listen to the same song over and over. I think perhaps in a past life I might have been Indian.

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