Thursday, November 18, 2010

Spent the day in the studio

I spent the day in the studio. Unfortunately it was to clean. It had gotten so bad that I just couldn't work any more. I was also missing a wonderful Bakelite button that I purchased at a vendor booth in VA this Spring.

Our Focus Art Group meeting was yesterday and it was held at Diana Pickens house. Her studio is so organized that it inspired to to come home and see if I could do something to make mine more efficient and spacious.

Unfortunately I can't add room so I decided to organize. I purchased a few more little plastic drawer units to get rid of small objects that were cluttering. I removed several boxes and placed them in my laundry room. I am going to donate some fabric to our guild for comfort quilts. I tried to organize projects and keep all the parts and pieces together.

I have a wonderful Koala sewing table that takes up a lot of room when it is open to its fullest. I decided to put the back extension down until I need to use it. It had become a catch all. Lowering the back made for lots more room in the middle of the floor.

I often roll my cutting table out to the center of the floor to get better light. Now I have room to move around. The room looks so much better now, enticing me to come in and enjoy working and no I didn't find the button. Very frustrating!


  1. My studio could stand a good clean-out and reorg too. I just don't want to take the time to do it!

  2. Vicki I had no choice. My mind would get just as cluttered when I entered the studio and it looked. Got lots done today and am posted a photo of the results.