Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dolls: a new addiction

I've been working on dolls this week. Savannah the Snow Princess is my newest creation. I wanted her to be white from head to toe and decided that she really didn't need facial features.

I chose a crocheted doily to use as her dress. I used white fleece for her cape and edged the hood and outside edge with fur.

She stands on a wooden platform that my husband painted white. I then added glitter to resemble snow. I wanted her to appear as if she were outside so I chose a silver tree from the craft store to add to the platform.

I have to say that making dolls is as addictive as fiber art. However, one thing I enjoy so much is that I can finish one in much less time than I can a piece of at.

I get a charge out of creating an idea for a doll and then creating the clothes, etc. to carry out that image.


  1. Thanks Julie, unfortunately it is truly addictive. I decided last night that after I finish the ones I have started now that I will put the doll stuff away while I finish some fiber art pieces that I have in the works.