Monday, August 2, 2010

Beauty in Disaster

This morning my husband and I were enjoy a brief cooling down in our weather by sitting out on our porch for our morning coffee. This part of our day is treasured by both of us as we take the time to sit an enjoy our surroundings.

Yesterday was overcast and it looked as if today would be the same. Around nine O'clock the sun started peaking out and we both notice this beautiful color in the water just at the edge where the water meets the rocks.

We both noticed it at once and looked at each other as if to say "do you see that"? I've been getting some pretty great photographs of water reflections lately so decided to grab my camera and head down to the dock. As I neared the water it was obvious to me that someone had spilled gas in the water.

My grandchildren are coming next week and I worry about the safety of the water. Then my thoughts wonder to the Gulf and the oil spill. While the little gas in our lake provided some beautiful photographs for me the oil spill provides nothing but death for animals and loss of jobs for the people of the Gulf. My thoughts are with you.

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