Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Costa Rica

If you've been reading my blog you will know that my husband and I celebrated our 50th anniversary in March. While our children gave us a dinner with close relatives and few special friends in March we decided that we wanted a special celebration with our family.

On Sunday Aug. 8th the whole family, thirteen strong left for Costa Rica. We flew from VA, NC, CA and SC and met up in Costa Rica. We spent seven days experiencing such things as tubing class 5 rapids (not me), zip lining the world best, highest and fastest zip line, (I did the first two baby lines), horse back riding, river rafting where a viper fell into our grand kids raft, to staying in the Rain Forest and seeing poison dart frogs. We visited a pineapple farm, a coffee plantation and rode through a banana plantation. The high-light of the trip happened the night before we left. We went by boat through the rain forest and debarked some twenty minutes later, walked across a small runway to the ocean. There with guides to lead the way we saw the Green Sea Turtle lay her eggs. What an experience.

I could write for days about the trip but I want to share some of the things we saw. First I want to make this comment about the people of Costa Rica. I have never felt so welcomed by the people of any country, and I have been to many, as I was the people of Costa Rica. They thanked us for coming and helping them make advances in their country. We were told that the guides donated their earnings to the little town of Tortugero to build a small home for the teachers so they didn't have to sleep on mats in the school room. Now the money goes to help save the turtles.

I'll have more comments as I post photos. My art work is on hold for the time being as life has taken over but I will post progress in Uncle Dave's piece as I have time.

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