Saturday, August 28, 2010

Focus Meeting

Our Focus Fiber Art group met this week and as usual it was an inspiring and interesting meeting. I want to share some of the pieces that were brought for show and tell.

Marge continues to work on her king-size piece. The images represent crystal that have been photographed with a macro lens. Marge is such a wonderful technician. I don't know anyone else who could piece this on the machine. I'm taking photos as it progresses and when it's finished I will post all the photos for you to see the process.

Judy has come up with another beautiful collage and this will be in an exhibit come Sept. I'll be talking more about this exhibit and other interesting exhibits coming in Sept. at a later date.

Barb's piece "Growth Rings" will also be in the exhibit. We can always count on Barb to come up with something different and interesting.

Dixie showed us this piece that she made several years ago but just finished hand quilting. We always laugh at Dixie because she apologizes for not having something artistic. Yea right!

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