Monday, August 23, 2010

Working in the Studio Again

I haven't been working in the studio since my return from vacation. There were several reason. The second day we were on our trip my husband fractured his fibula while tubing down class five rapids. Yes, class five and no he won't ever do that again. We waited until we were back in the states to see a doctor so he walked on it for a week. He is now in a boot and he is mending.

The weather last week was awful, we had rain and gloom all week. I was gloomy he was gloomy and I couldn't make myself go into my studio to work. This week the sky is bright and I'm working again.

I've been working on Uncle Dave. His eyes have bothered me ever since I started working on the piece. I decided today that I needed to redo them and I think I have finally got them right.

I actually made three different eyes before I got to this point. I did a little hair trimming and I think he is looking just about right. Tomorrow I work on his clothes.


  1. Beautiful Marilyn. Praying for healing for hubby's leg and you, his nurse :)

  2. Thanks Julie, My husbands leg is healing well and I will survive as well.