Thursday, July 29, 2010

Background for Uncle Dave

This is the beginning of the background for Uncle Dave. I am adding more to the bookcase and Uncle Dave will be sitting in front of it with his banjo as he is in the photo in the bookcase.

Uncle Dave, is not my Uncle, I interviewed him in 1990 for an article I wrote on him for "Bluegrass Unlimited" magazine. I found the photo in my files a while back and made a portrait of him. Since then I have become interested in making a large quilt of him for my "Personal Places:Portraits in the Landscape" series.

Uncle Dave was quite a character and that was intentional. He told the story of when he first went to a show to sell his musical instruments and found that his booth wasn't visited as often as people who were "characters". He told me that he told his son that he was going to grow a beard and become a "character", and he did.

Stay tuned for more story and more progress on the quilt.

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