Monday, March 22, 2010

Campbell Class

Julie likes to work in a whimsical manner. When we auditioned different backgrounds for her piece she wanted to add one that was a little unexpected. I really like the black with dots but Julie wanted to do something a little different so she chose the bluish/green background.

When we were auditioning the fabrics we were looking at it on a table top. After Julie attached the flowers to the background she placed it on the design wall. When she stepped back she felt the stems had disappeared into the background.

Julie can correct the problem with paint or thread but had we worked on the design wall we would have caught the problem and she might have chosen a different background fabric.


  1. On the other hand, I like the way the stems look like they're coming up from among the leaves.

  2. Your student's work is wonderful...I'm sure it's part talent but also because of having such a wonderful teacher!....!!!Judy