Thursday, March 11, 2010

Anniversary Quilt

In 1999 we purchased a lot on Lake Keowee near Seneca, SC. We decided that we wanted to build a log home. We found the logs we wanted and worked with the company to design a house for us. Met a young man who convinced us that he was an experienced builder.

He was a good builder but not a good contractor and he put us on a back burner. We eventually fired him and took over the contracting and actual finishing of the interior of the home ourselves.

We are proud of this house, it was built with our actual blood, sweat and tears. We could hardly wait for the weekend to come so we could go to the lake. When my husband retired at the year of 2004 we sold our home in Greenville, SC and moved to the lake. Never once regretted that decision.

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  1. I see changes here Marilyn, is this your story quilt? I just got back from California and wanted to visit my favorite blogs. The class at JGG looked wonderful.