Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Night with Dixie Haywood

I know I promised photos about the Picken's Museum opening but I forgot to take my camera. I hope to go back before it comes down as there was a very interesting fiber piece that I'd like to post.

Last night I had the opportunity to see Dixie Haywood give a retrospect of her work dating back to the l980. Dixie is a friend of mine and was giving this rare program to raise money for her church.

Crazy Quilt Series

Dixie explaining to her audience about what a crazy quilt and foundation piecing is all about. I will apologize in advance for the quality of my photos. I didn't want to use a flash and I think I was to far back in any case for it to help. Some of these are a little soft.

Pineapple Series

Pineapple and Star

This may be one of Dixie's most honored quilts.
Hot Cotton

My favorite quilt ever of Dixie's is Hot Cotton. It is shown here front and back. The back is as beautiful as the front, maybe not as colorful but just as beautiful.

My apologizes to Dixie for the bad photography. I also started with more info by each quilt and lost the post. Just couldn't post all that again.

Most of these quilts can be seen in Dixie's books co-authored with Jane Hall. This retrospect was indeed a chance in a life time to see all these beautiful works in one night. Thanks Dixie and Happy Birthday.


  1. Oh what a treat! I love her work!

  2. Dixie is so talented and such a neat lady...I really miss seeing her...Send her hugs and love from me