Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HiFiber Meeting for May

At our last meeting Bonnie Ouellette gave us a short demo on how to make Shaborri fabric. Bonnie gave each member four pieces of fabric. One square each of damask, linen, cotton and Aida. For me one of the most interesting parts of this experiment was how the different fabrics accepted the dyes. As it turned out the fabric that Bonnie though was cotton was not and did not accept the dyes as well as the others. I felt the best fabrics were linen and damask.

Since we were meeting in a gallery and we didn't have a wet place to work Bonnie came up with a method for us to take all the ingredients home to actually dye the fabric. During the mini workshop we tried many different ways to fold and manipulate the fabric for resist.

Beatriz left the thread in this piece so we could see how the thread worked as a resist.

Barbara chose to dye thread along with the fabric, a great idea.

These three were very interesting designs and I believe dyed by Donna.

I did this piece and the design was accomplished by using golf balls secured with wide rubber bands.

Heidi has specific plans for this piece.

These were some of the images done by Bonnie. There were many great designs that came out of this experiment. After everyone did show & tell, Bonnie challenged us to make an art piece using no other fabric than the four pieces we dyed. The piece can be embellished with any thing. This should be interesting.

I did the program for the May meeting, demonstrating different paints used on fabric. More on that later.

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  1. Hi Marilyn,

    It would be interesting the see the before during and after of each piece of fabric. What I'm meaning is the plain fabric, how it was prepped before dying, how it looked before being "unwrapped" and the final piece. This would help undertand which technique gave what design and how each fabric took the dyes.

    Thanks for the great pictures.