Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HiFiber Meeting for May

At our May meeting I wanted to show our members the different paints, pencils and ink that are available for painting on fabric. I have almost every type of these in my stash. Some I really like and some not so much. However, I wanted everyone to be able to experience each product to make up their own mind. I prepared a leaf and a flower petal for each person to experiment painting.

I rarely paint the whole piece of fabric to get the flower or leaf design. My use of paint is more to create depth and dimension. However, for the class I wanted them to use as much paint as possible just to experience each product. On the sample below I used about five different products to paint the leaf. I labeled each product for identification.

One of our members, Sandra brought her daughter, Chris as a guest. Chris is a commercial artist. This is what she did with her petal. I was happy to see Chris make a Calla Lily out of what I had intended to be just one petal of a flower. This gave me the opportunity to talk about keeping your mind open to "what if" I did this instead of that.

Due to being occupied with teaching I had little time to take photos of every ones samples. I thought I had taken more photos of each individuals samples but I guess not. Hopefully some will be brought back to the June meeting and I will post them then.

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