Thursday, May 19, 2011

Focus Fiber Art May meeting

Our May meeting was held at the home of Dixie Haywood. You might be interested in seeing all the ribbons around the top of the room. Ribbons from AQS and IQA and all the other big shows can be found there.

First up for show & tell was Marge Edie. We decided at the meeting that Marge first brought this complicated design to Focus last May. That makes a year. This design came from looking at a crystalized metal photo from a Scientific Magazine from about 30 years ago. She worked on the computer drawing and designing until she came up with this amazing design. I think I'm right to say that there are four shapes of diamond patterns making up this design. I might add that Marge is sewing this together on the sewing machine.

Veronica Moriarty brought two finished quilts and one in progress to share. This is one that she had shown early to us asking for advice. The conclusion was to bind the quilt with a peach batik.

Veronica's daughter graduated from USC this year and is entering the work force. She wanted something from home and wanted her Mom to make her a quilt out of her sports shirts. She participated in Track & Field at USC as a pole vaulter. Veronica really didn't want to make a t-shirt quilt but sucked it in for her little girl.

I showed and talked about the piece I'm working on now. The working title is "Spirit of the Kiva" I got some great input from the group and am mulling it over in my mind.

Dixie is showing her finished quilt made for the Wounded Warrior Project at our Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild. (More about that on another post) Dixie machine quilted words in the border like "Thanks you for your service".

Dixie has been on a marathon to get rid of all her UFO's from years and years of teaching. The little finished pieces are for a project from Diana and Veronica's quilt guild in Spartanburg. These little quilts are given to needy children and they are called "Lovies".

The two wall hangings are old pieces from her Pensacola, Fl guild or older UFO's.

Donna Barnhill, one of our new members, brought this piece that she started in a class several years ago. Donna is far from being a traditional quilter. While Donna taught Home Economics for years she did not have time for much quilting. From the beginning I knew that Donna was not a traditional quilter.

After she placed the piece up on the design wall she pulls out squares of copper screening and places them on the design. Then the fun began. The squares were moved around until a very interested design appeared.

Several other ideas were discussed, can't wait to next month to see what she does.

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