Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Week Teaching at J. C. Campbell Folk School

Mary Mezler chose the barn from her Grandmother's Summer home in Connecticut, hope I got the state right Mary, as the subject for her landscape. Mary knew her subject well. Not only had she spent many Summers there but she had also repaired the barn through the years. Mary's knowledge of her subject was very valuable in the construction of the landscape.

Besides the fact that this was a personal piece for Mary she plans on using it as a very special gift later this year.

Mary had just finished her first quilt right before she took this class. Quilting is a new craft for her, however, she is very good with her hands. Mary lives near Campbell in the Spring and Fall and takes advantage of all the classes she can. She is also an accomplished stain glass maker. I think she found this process to be similar to working with stain glass.


  1. Love the details...the lighted window looks so real...waiting to see a person's shadow cross between the light and the window. The snow on step and windows too. She has found her niche, I think. What a wonderful gift she has made for someone. How lucky these ladies were to take a class with you. Maybe I can too someday. You can
    "teach" as well as "do".

  2. Thanks Gloria, all three students did so well. As beginning fiber artist your comments will mean a lot to them. Would love to have you in one of my classes.