Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Studio

Sometime I have to just stop and clean my studio. That happened to me recently when I was trying to get some work done and just couldn't seem to concentrate. I couldn't find things I was looking for, I had piles on top of piles. The light bulb finally went off and I realized I was just going to have to stop and clean.

I love my studio after I've gone through everything and found a place where everything belongs. Besides the fact that I can find everything, my mind clears up and I start getting inspiration.

When I had my solo exhibit in November 2009, I named it "Wall Art". The owner of the gallery made the sign out of a laminated wood. He always gives the sign to the artist after the show is over. I decided to hang them on my design wall. I enjoy walking into my studio and seeing the white sign on my black wall.

I would like to say that my studio looks like this today but I've been working again. What can I say. The before and after photos follow.

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