Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Week Teaching at J. C. Campbell Folk School

I don't know how I ended up with only two photos of Kate Coventry's piece in process. I would have loved for you to see the beginning process to the finished piece.

Kate and her husband come to the Campbell School often. They had put together a book of their years at Campbell and Kate chose one of those photos as her subject.

While the landscape was most important in this piece the little red barn gives it it's punch. This particular scene is a favorite of photographers at Campbell. Kate's husband had photographed this particular angle of the barn from behind the Orchard House where they often stay.

Kate wanted to show that the scene was in the distance and had a bank, of sorts, up close to the camera. She had the most wonderful piece of fabric, which I would give half of my stash for, and we used it to make the shrubs in the foreground.

Kate has dabbed in art quilting and it was obvious to me that she knew a little about what we were doing.

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  1. A lovely piece...looks so realistic. What a view too.