Sunday, May 23, 2010

Seeing Things Differently

When I teach a class, the most important thing I want my students to walk-a-way with is, "How to see, really SEE".

The definition for see is; to get knowledge or an awareness of, observe, to get a clear mental impression. I didn't really have that kind of awareness until I took my first drawing class when I was 42 years old. How much in my life did I look at and not see?

At a recent class I taught at John C. Campbell Folk School I had a student who really learned to see. She recently sent me an email that I wanted to share parts with you. I asked her permission and she agreed.

Kate Coventry is from NY State and has been quilting for a long time. She took my class "Fabricating Nature" because she wanted to break out of her traditional quilting box. After her class at Campbell, Kate and her husband Stan drown down to Florida for a little more vacation before heading back to NY. Here are a few of the comments she made.

"Since taking your class I looked at scenery with a much different eye and saw so many new things along the way and during our week in Florida. I remembered you telling us you took a photo of bark on a tree and as I was sitting having lunch one day in the Florida sunshine, I really noticed the bark on a palm tree and came up with an idea of turning some horizontal fabric I know I have vertically to get those rings on the tree".

"I don't think I can find the words to tell you how much I enjoyed taking your class. I learned so much from you and feel as if I have the confidence to do something I have always wanted to do. The class was by far the best one I have ever taken at John Campbell or any place else. I have taken many quilt classes through the years, both at JC and other places and have learned quite a bit about quilting but have never been so excited as I am since your class. I talked my husband's ear off during our trip about ideas I have. If I was quiet too long he asked what quilt I was imagining at the moment. My brain is overloaded with memories of your class, ideas of things to try, and thoughts of taking another class with you".

This folks is what I love about teaching.
Hope you enjoy some of the sights I saw on my recent trip to Harbor Island.


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