Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thread Heads Exhibit at the World of Energy

Fiber art group, the Thread Heads of Seneca, SC took on the challenge "Native" as the main theme for their fourth exhibit at The World of Energy. The pieces take us from Hawaii to the. Trail of Tears. Each piece telling a compelling story.

Jean Wachs "Trail of Tears"

Bonnie Ouellette tells a folk tale in her piece about Hawaii

Carolyn Harris tells this interesting story. Carolyn first read this story in Guidepost Magazine. She found it difficult to get the story our of her mind.

close-up of the story Carolyn used for her inspiration.

Carolyn's rendition of the wall.

Heidi Wolko

Paula Ridley

Ronette Askew

I wish I had more information about how each member was inspired to create their individual piece, and enough room to show each piece. However, you can experience this exhibit at the World of Energy, Seneca, SC through Nov. 4th. 10-5.

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