Monday, October 27, 2014

Beautiful Shebori from China

My friend Sarah Miller works in China. This past week Sarah and her husband were doing a little touring and came to the village of Xizhu. Here she saw this woman stitching some amazing designs in fabric. Below is Sarah's comments.

Marilyn, this whole region is one you would love...such beautiful faces, such interesting traditions and yes, I thought of you when I saw the tie-die. They actually do a type of silk screen procedure to get the pattern on the cotton, then they stitch it up to get the exact designs, then they dip the whole thing 22 times in the home-made indigo die, letting it dry each time, then they undo the stitching to let the design unfold. It is really very interesting!

This is a piece that Sarah purchased. I believe that this process is actually called shebori, although Sarah's said her guide used the term tie-dye. How beautiful is this?

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