Friday, November 7, 2014

Fiber Artist, Gwendolyn Ann McGee

I recently had the privilege to view a fiber art exhibit at UNCG, Greencboro, NC. This exhibit is perhaps the most moving art exhibit I have ever witnesses. The title is Lift Every Voice and Sing: The Quilts of Gwendolyn Ann McGee.

LiftEvery Voice and Sing, 2004
41.5" x 53"

My writing is not eloquent enough to express the feelings that one has when viewing the following pieces of art. I will post the photos, some of which I have to comment on, and other pieces with just the title.

Southern Heritage, Southern Shame
22.5 x 32.5

Full of Faith 41.5 x 53
This is one of the pieces that really threw me. As I looked at it, and studied the choice of fabrics, and the design of the background, my thoughts where "that looks like hell". I expressed that comment to my SIL, and she said, "well".

Bitter the Chastening Rod. 43.75" x 39"
It may be hard to tell that the dark shadow begins at her mouth. To me it show the pain, and agony suffered by this pregnant woman as she is beaten.

Blood of the Slaughtered I and II. 70" x 85"
This is by far the most powerful piece in the exhibit. The background is printed with old newspaper article that appeared in a Southern paper. It also has a list by state of people who were slaughtered in the name of the law. I began reading one of the articles and could not finish in. This is a powerful piece.

If you are anywhere near Greensboro, NC, I would recommend a visit to this exhibit. Unfortunately I procrastinated getting this posted, Nov.8th is the last day of the exhibit.

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