Friday, October 3, 2014

A week of R and R

We spent the last week at the coast with family and friends. We always love to go there, it's peaceful and restful. Since it was gray and rainy the whole time, we got lots of rest. It's been hard getting out of that mode into one of accomplishing something. I have a feeling that won't happen today. It's raining here, and we need the rain, but it doesn't exactly fill me with energy.

I don't remember if I posted this portrait yet. I had a short period before we left on vacation to play a little, and I wanted something quick and fun to work with. I usually mat and frame these pieces, but after looking at it on my design wall I've decided on a different approach. I am making a narrow black sash, not sure it's really a sash, to act as a black mat might work within a larger mat.

I have this wonderful black and white fabric and have decided to to use it as the boarder around the portrait. It's the perfect piece to get me excited and working again, even in the rain.
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