Thursday, August 29, 2013

Working on the Caterpillar

I've had a fairly productive week in the studio so far. I took a day out yesterday to drive to Greenville to meet friends for lunch and a fun afternoon catching up.

I began the construction of the foreground for the confetti quilt that I have been working on for the past week. After choosing the fabric for the body I fused it to the back of the same fabric . I did this for two reasons. If some of the back happened to show I wanted it to be the same as the front. The extra fabric also gave me some stabilization for the thread painting that you will see later.  In this photo I have fussy cut and fused the black spots to the caterpillar.
Here you see that I have added the yellow spots and added some thread painting. I'm not sure but I think I would paint the spots next time. They were extremely time consuming and I covered most of the fabric with thread anyway.

Her you see the process of thread painting. After I finished with the thread painting I decided that I needed to add some watercolor pencil to get better depth.

The caterpillar after it has been cut out. I will add a little more thread when I applique it to the background. There is more to come but I am closing up shop today.

We have family coming for the Labor Day Weekend and I am headed to Charlotte next week for a lecture and two-day workshop. The portrait to the left is a sample that I've been working on as I give a demo for the class. I decided to finish it and start another one for the upcoming demo.

This beautiful young lady is one of my granddaughters. I have added the finished portrait below and the only difference you will see is the catch-light in the eyes.

What a difference that little detail makes.

Hoping to blog tomorrow about and upcoming exhibit at the Pickens Museum of Art.

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