Friday, August 23, 2013

A Solution for Confetti

I was finally able to get back in the studio on Wed. I had thought of many solutions to my problem and I thank those who commented.  All the solutions you came up with might work.

I live a good ways from a quilt shop and the fabric shops within and hours drive did not have BoNash.  It is on my list for the GA Quilt show next month.

I love Misty Fuse and use it for a lot of my projects.  That is really the first solution I thought of but had wanted to leave a little of the background showing and wasn't sure what kind of tacky/sticky problem I would cause if I did that.
 I decided that I wouldn't know unless I tried.  I adhered Misty Fuse to the front of my fabric and started placing the small pieces of fabric.

I laid my background fabric on an ironing pad that I made for my cutting table. I then used parchment paper to iron as I went. Obviously there were tiny bits that did not stick so I just moved them around until I found available misty fuse for it to adhere too. 

I traced the pattern for the foreground image on tracing paper and laid it where I wanted the image to go. I wanted to keep that part of the background clean as I didn't want a lot of pieces under my image.   A word of caution, use parchment paper for this next time. Ask me how I know?  I was able to strip the paper off but it was not fun.
After I had all the pieces in place and fused down I played with tulle. I looked in my stash of tulle and found maroon, dark green, black, red and yellow. I wanted to try all of these to see what different effects I would get.

I really liked the dark green better for the over-all effect. However, I decided that I wanted to put different colors over some of the flowers to see what kind of change that made. This photo has nothing over the bottom yellow blossom.

This photo shows the blossom with maroon trimmed in a circle and laid over the bloom.

I proceeded with that process over some images but not over others.

This photo shows the entire background covered in green tulle and various colors of tulle over some of the flowers.

I chose a backing fabric laid my batting over it and had my husband help me pick up the front to lay over the batting for the quilt sandwich.

I laid my applique sheet over the whole piece and very carefully added heat.  Tulle does not like a hot iron. I hoped that there was enough Misty Fuse not covered to catch the tulle.  There was in some places but not enough in others.  I then pinned the three pieces together.

This photo was made on my design wall and so far the majority of the bits of fabric are holding. I will free motion this with Poly Mono thread before I go further.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Great solution......I admire your courage!!!

  2. I enjoyed watching your process and progress. Love the way it looks so far.

  3. Thanks all, just wish I had time to work on it. I had to get involved and enjoying the process and have to put it away for a while.

  4. It looks like one of Monet's gardens -- well done! (And great to learn your process. Thanks!)