Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's Been One of those Weeks

 Sunburst 30 x 40

I've been fighting bronchitis this week and the time in my studio has been very little.  I tried to work on Sunburst for a few minutes at a time.  However, I didn't get much done.  I ran into thread/bobbin problems that frustrated me no end, then I realized that I had quilted the petals so densely that the piece was warping. 

I finally gave up the background quilting thinking that I may be wasting my time.  I am working on steaming and placing something heavy on top to see if it is salvageable. 

It's rare, if ever, that I've lost interest in a piece that I started out loving but I think I am there.  Keep your fingers crossed for me in hopes that I can save this piece.

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  1. It's a lovely piece. Where there is a will, there is a way. I'm sure you will find a way that will finish it to your liking. Let it sit until you are ready for it.

  2. Hope you are feeling better. Good luck getting the sunflower just right!

  3. save this piece? what do you mean, of course you'll continue with it. Even if it distorts in the heavy quilting, you'll cut out the flower itself and applique it down somewhere else. It's so beautiful, you're just not feeling well, too close to it, and sick.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  4. Thanks all. You're right LeeAnna I will save it I'm just not sure how. One of my problems is that I wanted this for a SAQA SC/GA exhibit in early Sept. I may not make that deadline.

  5. Just catching up with blogs. Hope that you found a way. The piece is beautiful.