Friday, March 30, 2012

Need Help Naming a New Class

I'm looking for a name for a new class that I am putting together to teach at J. C. Campbell next year.

The process includes taking images that I have taken. In some cases, as with the photo here, I made a fabric portrait and then photographing it. I take another photo that I think has some connection with the fiber piece and merge them together and then print the manipulated photo on fabric.

These fiber pieces can be framed, as in the second photo, or made into a wall hanging. I've got a plea out to my art fiber group Focus, and am having some interesting suggestions. Thought I would throw this out and see what will happen.

It's good to be back home after being away for so long. Hope to be getting back in the studio soon.


  1. Focus on Images and Fiber Manipulations...just popped into my head, combines all your ideas.

    Another thought Ghost Images and Fiber Manipulations.

  2. Wow Sandy, I thought I had made up my mind to name if Create, Merge, Print & Stitch. I may have to rethink that I like all your ideas.

    1. Thanks Marilyn,

      Your work is so inspirational, I enjoy coming to see what you do one day maybe you'll see me in a class!

      Photography is a hobby of mine that I hope to interpret into fiber one day.