Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary LMQG

This year Lake and Mountain Quilt Guild is celebrating it's twenty-fifth anniversary. L&M guild has so many great diverse people as well as quilting styles and interest. Our board members did a wonderful job putting together this celebration.

Beautiful flowers and cake decorate the table. While the front of the room had one of the most spectacular quilts I have ever seen. "Innocence" created by Hollis Chatelain. This quilt was painted with dyes in six values of orange. In the quilting Hollis chose images of children and placed them strategically in areas to create light and dark values.

Hollis chose images of children from all over the world in all walks of life. She told us how many images were included and I think I remember that it was thirty-seven. This is a very large quilt and it's presence illuminates the entire area.

Of course, we wouldn't be a quilt guild if we never had a challenge. This years challenge was to create a piece celebrating the 25th anniversary. Somehow, I missed who's piece won lst place but I will add it tomorrow. Marge Edie is the creator of this piece. Marge used the technique of Japanese art called Notan to create this complicated piece. I think it took second place.

This piece was created by Donna Campbell. Donna is a newcomer to art quilting and she is really headed in the right direction. She won third place. Tomorrow I hope to post the first place winner.

Hollis taught a three day workshop on painting with dye and quilting. That is my next post.

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