Monday, October 17, 2011

October HiFiber Meeting

Last month HiFiber members presented portraits to the person who's name they had previously drawn about eight months ago. Those who were not going to be there asked that we not display their portraits until this meeting. Judy R. on the left presented Penny L with her portrait.

Penny is a world traveler thus the world with the bite taken out of the side.

We all filled out a form with lots of information about ourselves to help the member come up with ideas.

Judy R. also gave a demo about how to make fabric beads. It looked like Judy had brought all the embellishments she has in her studio. She showed us paints, tyvek, yarn, you name it and you can make beads from it. I was so engrossed in the process that I forgot to take photos of all the members in action. The beads above are some that I made.

Penny L. was the only one to bring show and tell. We meet in a gallery and don't always have wall space so we laid this one in the floor. Doesn't show it off well but it is quite lovely.

Penny asked for helpful suggestion on how she might quilt this piece. As usual we had plenty of ideas. I think Penny decided that she was going to machine quilt horizontal wavy lines across the piece. We hope to see it finished soon.


  1. I love the African piece, I would be tempted to mimic the landscape and have tuff of grass, thorn tree silohettes and clouds.

    She did a lovely job, congratulations.

  2. Thanks Sandi, I'll have her take a look.

  3. Sandi, Thank you for your suggestions. I am still pondering the quilting and boarder.