Sunday, October 16, 2011

More October Focus Meeting

My blog continues with more of the Focus Meeting. I wish to make this statement. The photos do not give credit to the quilts. They were pinned to a hanging quilt rack with black fabric behind them. It's impossible to get them to hang straight. So on with the show.

One of Dixie's beautiful Pineapple quilts took third place at the Asheville Show. Sorry I don't know what category.
A new Pineapple quilt that Dixie is working on.

This won best machine quilting for Sabrina in the Spartanburg Guild challenge.

Donna brought three pieces in progress. The last one had been attached to a canvas and Donna wasn't happy with the way it was finished. Several choices were discussed. We'll hopefully we will see all three of these later.

Diana won a Silver Award for Machine Quilting on this piece at the Floyd, Va. quilt show last month.

Diana and her husband, recently retired, are doing some much anticipated RV traveling. She decided to have a project ready to hand piece during these trips. This beautiful piece is one of them.

OOPS! I gave the Silver ribbon to the wrong quilt. This one won a Silver ribbon at Floyd, Va.

Diana's been in Veronica's scrap bag again. This piece looks lake a Scrabble game to me.

Marge's "Heartwood" won second place in the Art Quilt division at the Asheville, NC show. Marge also took us up to her studio to show the progress of her HUGE quilt that we have been following for more than a year. It's almost ready to quilt.

I know I've missed taking some photos and I've already posted what I took for show & tell so won't do that again. I apologize again for the poor photos and for missing so much information. I was quilt handicapped hearing all the back and forth information that should go with some of these quilts.

Be on the lookout for my next post on my HiFiber Fiber Arts meeting.