Thursday, September 8, 2011

HiFiber Art Group Meeting: Fun, Fun, Fun

At the beginning of the year Bonnie O, Judy R, and myself took on the task of scheduling the months meetings for HiFiber 2011. Some months we had demos that resulted in a finished project. Some months we just had instructions that were to learn a new technique with no project. Judy, Bonnie and I rode to Paducah, KY together in Dec. to see the Everychanging River exhibit at the Quilt Museum. While there I purchased "Mixed-Media self-portraits" by Cate Coulacos Prato. This book inspired us to propose a challenge where we drew names of another member to make a portrait, rather than do a self-portrait. The challenge was wide open. It could be realist, abstract, representational or just something that represented that person's life. We met today for the unveiling.
This piece was done by Beatrix R. shone on the left of Donna B. shown on the right. Beatriz chose to abstract Donna's image as most of Donna's work is abstract. Very nicely done and while abstract you can certainly tell who she is.
There were two of our members who were unable to be at this meeting but they sent their portraits. This piece was made by Sandra R for Dianne G. Sandra used symbols of Dianne's life and art work but in the center she placed a flap with Dianne's portrait printed on fabric.
Closeup of Dianne's piece.
Bonnie O. on the left, my portrait, me on the right. I was so sure that someone else had my name that I didn't realize that this was me. Bonnie portrayal of me was inspired by some of my art work. "Ohm" shows me in a yoga pose, "Love" was another piece of mine. My classes are called Fabricating Nature, thus the Nature Girl. Then there was Hollie our little dog of eighteen years. I love it!
Closeup of my portrait.
And then it was my turn! I got Bonnie's name. I have to confess that I rigged the drawing so that I would end up with her name. Bonnie has a reputation of having her daughter take nude photos of her backside when they go on vacations together. That was the photo I received of Bonnie. So I decided to make her a doll.
Me on the left and Bonnie on the right.
I had the most fun making this doll. Bonnie is really into fish and fishing so I made her a pair of fish earrings. She has a tattoo on her leg of a fish and I was able to apply that by using TAP transfer paper, My friend made her a pair of glass and they are placed on her forehead. She is placed on a large B platform. Fun!
closeup of piece made by Donna B. for Heidi W.
Heidi W. on the left with Donna B. on the right. Donna wanted to portray Heidi as a busy person, a colorful person and a prolific quilter. The image she used in all the solid color pieces show Heidi as if she is blurred. Very nice piece.
This piece was made by Penny L. for Beatrix R. Penny sent it in because she wasn't able to make it to this meeting. Penny wrote a whole page explaining why she chose this piece for Beatrix, I wasn't able to hear most of as it was being read, but it is a beautiful piece. Hopefully I will have more info later.
Closeup of Beatrix R, piece made by Penny L.
Heidi W. on the left with Judy R. on the right. I think it's pretty obvious here who the maker and who the subject is. Heidi did a wonderful thread painting of this portrait of Judy.
Closeup of Judy. This is a very impressive piece and Heidi says it was easy. Yeah right! There were two more portraits that I'm not showing on the blog because they weren't able to be at the meeting. We will save them for the Oct. meeting. More fun to come.

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