Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finally A New Post

It's been a while since I've had time to post. I was on vacation last week and had a very relaxing time. I've been very busy since then but most of what I'm doing is preparing for two big classes that are coming up.

I'm teaching a long weekend class for the Quilters of South Carolina Fall Retreat. The class is "Fabricating Faces" and I prepare the pattern for each person's portrait. I always go over this part in my class but time doesn't usually allow me to spend much time on that part. This looks to be a fun class.

QSC Fall Retreat is held at White Oak Baptist Conference Center. It's a perfect place for this type of retreat. Hotel, food, class rooms and an auditorium for night meetings. The retreat is Oct 20-23.

In Nov. I'm teaching at J. C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC. The class is Nov. 6-12 and is called "Personal Places: Portraits in the landscape. When I found out last week that I had won a ribbon at the IQA Show in Houston I decided that I really wanted to go to receive the ribbon in person. When I made that decision to go I knew that all my projects would have to be put aside and I would have to have everything ready to go to Campbell before I left for Houston.

I've spend the day working in PSE 8 getting photos ready for that class and emailed to the group. For some reason I always think that I haven't accomplished anything when I spend the day doing computer work. I hope to share some of these blended photos but am waiting for my students to give me the Okay. During lunch I broke a tooth eating, of all things, a toasted cheese sandwich. So I'm off tomorrow morning to see how many trips to the dentist that will take.

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