Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fast Friday Fabric Challenge part 2

After pondering the images for a while I decided that I needed to print some more images. I decided to print four, since I could get them all on a sheet of fabric, and then decide how many I wanted to use. I chose this image and enhanced it PSE.
After printing my images it's now time to look for a background. Three years ago I went with my friend, Ann to QBL in NY. there was a wonderful vender there selling hand dyed cotton sateen. I often get the pieces out that I purchased but have yet to use them. I knew I would find the perfect use for these some day.
This is the original configuration. But there was something bothering me. It always helps to discuss my pieces with someone who's opinion I respect. I called my friend Ann and asked her to look at a photo I had just emailed her. One of the things that bothered Ann was the order in which I had the images displayed. That wasn't what I was seeing but after she brought my attention to the area I agreed with her. Still the top left image and the bottom right image seemed to be just a smidgen to light. I place two layers of tulle over them and voila, I liked it.
This is the finished image, now to get it quilted.

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