Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vacation and Doll Class

My husband and I just spend a great week visiting our friends Ann and Tom on Harbor Island. The trip had a three-fold purpose. We went for rest and relaxation and to spend time with our friends, also to celebrate both guys birthdays and Ann and I took a doll class. We always have such a good time when we visit them, they are great host.

The reason for this post however, is to tell you a little about the doll class. It was taught by Beaufort artist Terry Waldron, Terry proved to be a great teacher, laid back but encouraging and instructive. I was a little surprised when she told us we had to make our own pattern. This was a two day class and I guess that I thought she would would supply a pattern due to time constraints.

I was quite happy in the end that we had to draft our own pattern and I'm sure this was her plan. We started by drawing the shape of the body, arms and legs. We had to have an idea of how we wanted the legs/arms to bend so they would be shaped properly. We then stuffed the body parts with poly-fil until they were very hard.

We then designed the head, stuffed and painted the face. Terry then showed us how to attach the legs/arms/head to the body. We chose wild eye-lash yarn for hair and applied that to the head. Made clothes for the body and embellished it with accessories, etc.

I'm attaching photos of the process along with the dolls at the end of the class. Keep in mind that the dolls are not quite finished.

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