Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some Blue Ribbon Winners

Best of Show went to Sue Huntson for Pomegranate. Because it will take to long to post each persons name with their quilts I am going to list each blue ribbon winners name. This was a Viewers Choice vote.
log cabin-I Believe I lost my Mine byBrenda Bigelow
Garden Variety by Gail Sexton
Chocolate Covered Cherries by Margaret Barre
Pile of Leaves Reborn by Diana Pickens
Garden Variety by Jean Loussarian
Lake and Mountain 20th Anniversary group quilt, quilted by Lynn Brill
Happy Plant by Gail Sexton
Nativity II by Ronette Askew
Antique Bricks by Betsy Ward
Catherine Issabella's Baby Quilt
I'm afraid I don't know who made the beautiful appliqued quilt that is second in the photos. It received two ribbons and was well deserved. Sorry to make this short nbut I'm beat.

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