Friday, November 14, 2014

What Happens when Everything Goes Wrong

My Sunday morning began well. We had a leisurely breakfast and watched our favorite Sunday Morning program. I put a pork roast in the crock pot. Looked up a recipe on line for Parmesan orzo with peas. Had everything I needed except the peas, so I decided that I would take a quick run to the grocery.

Got to the car inserted the key and it wouldn't turn, I tried to move the gear a little still no start. Walked back to the house and told my husband, "the car won't start". He came out and put the key back in and it started. OK, I'm famous for mechanical or technical failures, so I don't think too much about this.

I had decided that while I am out I will swing by a beautiful old oak tree in its Autumn splendor, and take a photo. I get one shot, and then try another view, but the camera won't work. Mind you, I had just charged the battery.
I turned it off and on, took the battery out, cleaned the connectors, still doesn't work. The lens is out and will not retract. OK, so much for photos today I tell myself. Off to the grocery to buy a single bag of peas. At least that went well.

After I returned home, I decided that I would work on a piece that I had been procrastinating on starting the quilting. I always have such a hard time at this stage of my work. Since my record with mechanical things this morning, had not been exactly good, I was hesitant to start using my machine. However, I was in the mood to sew so I decided I would do a little meandering. After a couple of inches the thread shredding in the top. I rethreaded, etc. and it happened again and again and again, I changed bobbin thread, I changed the needle, I cleaned the bobbin case, I changed the top thread. It still shredded. I'm talking a couple of hours working on this problem. Finally I give up.

OK, the day is not lost, at least I can make the Parmesan Orzo Pea recipe. The pork looks and smells good. I whip up a nice green salad to accompany the meal. Hubby doesn't like the pork or the orzo. It has just not been my day.
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  1. Annoying! Hope the rest of the week has been better!

  2. Oh no, hope tomorrow is a much better day for you.

  3. After a bad day like that, perhaps you just need to walk away and do something decadent for yourself, like a massage or a pedicure, or just a good long nap! Absolutely nothing mechanical until the stars are better aligned!

    1. Thanks Kathy, life has been busy and I've not been back to my studio. Those kind of days really set me back in my creating. Maybe today.