Friday, March 14, 2014

A Sneak Preview

I've been very busy in the studio this week working on three different project. One of these projects has been preparing notes for a class that I have coming up later this year. Necessary but not satisfying work. One of the projects is a thread painting that I'm struggling with, a section of that is show below. 

The other is finishing up the background for a thread painting I've been working, off and on, for quite some time.

Gail Sexton and I are collaborating on this piece. This is the second piece that we have worked on together. Gail is a fabulous quilter and my pieces are so much better with her as my partner. I am finishing up the image with beads and then adding the facing. The real challenge comes when adding the thread painting of my grandson. Hopefully that will happen this week and I will publish the finished project. Lots happening here come back soon.

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  1. Gosh Marilyn.....I'd be proud to claim either of these projects......wonderful as always!

  2. Stunning as always, Marilyn. The texture and contrast in the eyebrow pulls me right in.

    1. I'm struggling with this one, but thanks anyway.

  3. I am so anxious now to see what's coming up. Your work is always so wonderful---those eyebrows alone are to die for realistic! And the Connor piece almost finished--wooo hooo!

  4. What a tantalizing tidbit to show! You're a tease!
    best, nadia

  5. I love seeing your work in process, Marilyn. Plus I am still in awe of your ability to publish from your iPad!