Friday, January 24, 2014

Finishing Up

I've been working on finishing the hydrangea blossom for one of my new floral pieces. The finishing technique I use to give my flower petals depth is paint. I often use watercolor pencils as they are easier to control so that was my first choice when I began the process. I have four different sets and brands of watercolor pencils and they just weren't doing the trick.

Photo before painting.

I tried inks diluted in Aloe jell, crayons, pens and finally with acrylic paint I found what I needed for the job. Below is the finished piece waiting to be attached to the background and quilted. I find there to be a big difference in the appearance of the flowers after this technique I'd finished. Hopefully you will be able to compare these two piece. Can't wait to get this one done.
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  1. so lovely your hydrangea colors!!
    good you found technique and art supplies that worked for you 2.

  2. the painting makes a big difference in depth
    Leeanna Paylor

    1. Thanks LeeAnna I have always felt that the painting enhances the flowers.

  3. The bottom photo does look more finished than the top photo.

  4. Smashing. Your mention of Aloe jell makes me wonder. I have huge aloe plants, taller than me. Never thought much about their usefulness other than they look cool in my garden.
    best, nadia