Friday, September 6, 2013

SAQA Auction Begins Sept. 9

I'm on the road this week teaching in Charlotte, NC.  The workshop yesterday went really well and there were some ah-moments. I love those.We start work again this morning and will be finishing the project we started yesterday as well and learning the process of making the pattern for our portraits.

I want my main post today to be about the SAQA Art Auction. This auction is the main support for the cost of running this wonderful organization so it's very important that word gets out to the public. It also give the public an opportunity to purchase some wonderful art work. If you are a member of Pinterest
you can search SAQA Auction and see a photo of all the artwork that will be coming up for sale.

This piece A Study in Green is my contribution to the auction. It is my understanding that they put up X number for a set number of days at a beginning price and each day the price goes down. Of course, if you want a piece bad enough you best bid early.

Green Mansions by Annie Helmericks-Loder

There are lots of pieces featuring crow. I've often wondered the attraction to crows for artist. While ready a wonderful book recently, Eternaon on the Water I began to realize the why. They are quite intriguing. By the way this is a wonderful book.


Another interesting crow.

Natures Energy Drink by: Eileen Wintemute

Free by:Carolyn Sharkey

Northern Cardinal by:Ruth Powers

One of my favorites.

That's all I have time for this morning. I'm  off to teach.

I hope you will take a look at the art work and bid.

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  1. Your auction quilt is wonderful! But then I do love cabbages, having made three cabbage quilts myself. Thanks for showing all those cool birds selections, too.

    1. Thanks Norma, these were the most unusual cabbages I have seen. They were planted at a mall in CA. I took many photos, everyone was different.

  2. ohhhh I love your auction piece too! I"ll have to show my hubby the birds - I think he's never met a bird that he didn't want to add to his work!

    1. Thanks Nina Marie, my favorites are the birds as well. The name of the book I mentioned is Eternal on the Water. I will correct that when I get to my laptop.

  3. Thanks for sharing the SAQA auction pieces. I will check it out and see what I need to have in my home.

    BTW, do you ever teach out west?

  4. I'm excited about the auction, I keep getting the SAQA emails in my inbox about it. I donated a piece for the first time there, I hope they can get some money for it! I love your green leafy piece, it reminds me of rapunzel's mother wanting the special lettuce on the other side of the wall...

  5. Hi, Marilyn. I enjoyed seeing all these small artworks--all very lovely.
    best, nadia